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School is right around the corner. Organize your children's carpools and contacts with MommyTaxi®. With features like DropCheck™ and GPS Track, your carpool duties will become more enjoyable and fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         [pjc_slideshow slide_type='main']


The App For Moms With A Full Life

Drive the children to school. Pick them up in the afternoon and take them to activities and play dates. Rush home. Repeat next day. Being a Mommy Taxi is important and gratifying, but not always easy. MommyTaxi™ helps you carpool happier and with less stress. Happy Taxying!

Cool Stuff For Cool Moms!

buy-now-btnDriving a mommy taxi is cool, so why not look the part? Add a touch of whimsy to your vehicle with our car magnet. Show off your cute, colorfully embroidered MommyTaxi™ sports cap.  If you have a cool idea for a product, please share it with us… your input is always welcome. Go Mom!


With MommyTaxi®, Moms Rule the Road™!

MommyTaxi™ is a simple-to-use organization and communication tool for moms and anyone who carpools children.

MommyTaxi™ helps you manage and organize your carpools, and communicate more efficiently with everyone in it –children and adults– saving you time and effort. You can create unlimited carpools (each with unlimited number of children and adults) for all types of activities, including school rides, after-school and weekend activities, little league, church groups, and so much more! In addition, MommyTaxi™ has other handy, easy-to-use features to help make your carpooling more enjoyable!


One of the big preoccupations for parents and/or guardians who work outside the home is making sure that their children are back home (or at their after-school activity) safely after school. Until now, they’ve had to rely on the child calling or texting them, or having to call or text the child repeatedly until getting a reply.

With DropCheck™, the driver in charge can send at the touch of a single button a customized, form text message informing the parents that their child has been dropped off safely at the requested location, thereby absolving the carpool driver of any further responsibility or liability. This simple, intuitive functionality can save adults countless hours of worry and aggravation, allowing them to go on with their day with a happy heart and a clear mind.

GPS Track

With MommyTaxi™, you can can track your children’s location via GPS. You can rest assured that no one else can track your child’s iphone because you set it up directly into their phone and the information must match the information in your phone, too. Although we make no representations or warranties about the accuracy of GPS Track, it’s an excellent additional tool for parents who wish to know their children’s location at any given time. For more information on how to set up GPS Track, please visit the FAQ page.

¡MommyTaxi™ Habla Español!

If someone in your household doesn’t speak in English, MommyTaxi™ is fully functional in Spanish, too. Setting it up is extremely easy! Go to “Settings” –> “General” –> “International” –> “Language”, and select “Español”. If you’ve already entered carpooling info, do not worry! Everything stays where it was and nothing is lost. Want to switch back to English? Just switch it back!


*****Five Star Review by TheiphoneMom.com!

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